Hidden Treasures

 Hello and welcome to my new page.  Been wanting to add something that was unique, so this page is for sharing my "finds" from antique stores to flea markets and more.   So if you happen to follow my main blog, which is also a challenge blog, here is the address... Update on Hubby there you'll find an article that I wrote describing a lamp that I found.  It was a good price, and the lamp was working at the store.  But, when we got home and plugged the thing in, it didn't work.  I was flat out disappointed and wanted to take it back.  Hubby said let's keep it and work on it.  Well.. what a challenge that was... he did a fantastic job on fixing this lamp bringing back its beautiful glow.   

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Other items found were:  Holly Hobbie figurine circa 1972 or '73
It's in excellent shape.  What a find!
The next "find" isn't an antique, but something more sentimental.
My mother had one of these setting on a bookcase. Since I didn't get a chance to take it home after she passed on; I was fortunate to find one at the flea market.
Have a blessed day, Mary


Suze said...

Lovely finds Mary. The lamp looks great now.
Wouldn't it be ironic if that last find is actually the one your mother had!

Mary said...

Thank you for your comment. Actually, that would be nice however my sister-in-law has the one my mother had. While its not the "original" its still special to me.

Jeanie Ellis - Scrapbookingmamaw said...

I'm so glad that you found the piece like your mother had! My mom had a decorative plate I would love to find!
Great finds, Mary! xxx